Helping parents lead and launch Real-World Ready kids

As your personal parenting coach, HR Mom will show you how to:

build a family culture
Build a Family Culture

Do you carry the majority of the load and struggle to get others to pitch in?

capable kids
Equip Independent, Capable Kids

Are you worried that your kids are behind in skills needed to navigate life?

reclaiming parenting
Reclaim the Joy of Parenting

Has parenting turned into a daily grind of “choosing your battles” instead of having fun together?

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HR Mom equips parents, educators, teens, and employers for the new workplace. She brings proven strategies from leading successful teams in the workplace and shows you how to put them into action in your home, your classroom, and your work teams.

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HR Mom will partner with you to launch "Real-World Ready Kids" ready to conquer life as confident adults! 

Practical Advice with Step-by-Step Direction

18+ Years of experience in corporate recruiting and hiring

Advice easily tailored to fit your unique Family

Parents who invest in “on-the-job training” with HR Mom via live speaking events, online courses, or one-on-one coaching, report immediate improvements in their family culture, and a new energy for their role as leaders.

They Say

Mikki L.

"Melissa uses her HR experience to make sense of this crazy parenting journey we are on. As an “HR mom” myself, I can attest that the skills she encourages us to help our kids master are the same skills we look for as we hire the next generation of employees."

Amy L.

"From Day 1, HR Mom has offered solid, easy-to-implement advice for parents. It has turned the way we think about parenting on its head. She is the opposite of a helicopter mom and reminds us that our job as a parent is to ‘work ourselves out a job.’ Genius! Independence Challenges are the key to independent children."