My new "Family Chores RESET" Course is LIVE!

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Family Chores Reset - Getting the Team on Board to Share the Load

Cost: $99.99
Recommended Audience: Parents of kids ages 4+
In this course, Melissa “HR Mom” Griffin guides you through an easy-to-implement method for fostering your family's TEAM approach to household chores.
She outlines how she gets her three children (ages 17, 13, and 8) to understand the importance of their contributions to the smooth running of their home.
She will detail how to introduce new chores, divide up responsibilities, and maintain consistency.

What you'll learn:

  • Why chores are important
  • How to set new expectations
  • Four steps for teaching a new skill
  • Tools for tracking and accountability
  • Ways to avoid power struggles
  • Tips for overcoming common obstacles

Why is this course different?
HR Mom's Family Chores RESET offers a flexible and customizable approach for different families and seasons. She emphasizes treating children with respect and empowering them to help create and implement family systems.

She believes families are a team, and shows parents how to step into their roles as firm but gentle leaders.

HR Mom addresses equity in the home using a "Doing Your Fair Share" family activity. This short team exercise gives both partners and children visual insight into areas where the load is not being carried evenly by everyone on the team.

Format: Self-paced, on-demand online course with printables.
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
Accessibility: Transcriptions enabled, Recorded in English

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