Dynamic and Engaging, HR Mom will inspire and mobilize your audience.
(They’ll be talking about it long after the event!)

Melissa Griffin helps parents, educators, and employers understand this upcoming generation and appreciate their unique needs as they prepare to launch. She aims to make you laugh and inspire you. She is gifted at breaking down long-term strategies into clear action steps. Students respond well to her straight-forward approach and practical advice.

As a former Human Resources Recruiting leader, she knows what the current workplace wants and needs from their new hires, so she’s determined to help parents, educators, and employers do what it takes to help get them ready.

When you hire her, she’ll learn about your organization’s unique goals, challenges and culture to create a presentation that is sure to make an impact on your audience.

Popular speaking topics include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • Career Readiness Advice and Motivation for High School and College Students
  • Engaging Keynote speaker for Parenting Events 
  • Staff Development for Teachers, Educators, and School Administrators
  • Churches - Youth Groups and Parents
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training for HR Departments, Hiring Managers, and Recruiting Teams - “Removing Bias from the Interview Process”

Her speaking style is clear, engaging, and genuinely entertaining. She masterfully combines her 18 years in Human Resources with her years as a mother of three. 

Whether you book a live in-person event or a customized virtual experience, Melissa is sure to make a lasting difference for your audience. They will leave your event encouraged, energized, and armed with practical tools they can implement and try right away.

Speaking Reviews - Parent Seminars:

Nichole R.


"So much great information and presented in a way that it really clicked for me tonight. I actually started a conversation with my 13 year old when I got home. It was helpful that I was able to explain that this is for her benefit as well as our benefit. Made it an easier conversation. Time is my most limited resource these days and this was worth every minute!"

"Thank you! Your presentation was genuine, entertaining and full of practical actions to take with our kids. I love the family and personal vision foundation. It gives you a solid place to work from and direction to work toward."



Shelley E.


"As I reflect on tonight, a lot of your advice speaks to being intentional about parenting. It’s really easy to get caught up in the chaos, or just getting through the day. I’ll definitely be sharing the ideas of vision and values with my kiddos tomorrow over breakfast or the drive to school!"

"The content was phenomenal & approachable. You made setting a Family Vision seem so doable, and I'm seeing chores in a new light. I loved the anecdotes you added in with the examples - the concrete strategies told as stories helped the themes sink in.

I appreciated how you showed the repercussions of the two parenting extremes - laissez-faire v. overly militaristic. 

You reminded me that the goal of parenting is a gradual progression of equipping kids with what they need to know. Best of all, you instilled a sense of hope that raising a family can be fun, purpose-driven, and team-based. Thank you!"

Lindsey M.


Erica S.


"I could have listened to your advice for many more hours! I can't wait to try some of your suggestions! Thank you!"

"We really enjoyed tonight’s presentation. My husband was a little leery about what was I was dragging him to, but said he was very impressed with your presentation and said you could have charged much more!"

Dusti N.


Melissa F.


"So many great takeaways! I loved the Family Vision - I’ve heard this presented many ways, but tonight really resonated differently. I loved how you reframed utilizing technology in a way that gets the child contributing to the family and learning valuable life skills. My first takeaway is to teach the kids how to have face-to-face conversations! Thanks again!"

Sacramento Trimmed

Professional Development/Educator Testimonials: 

"Every slide was filled with information that was better than the one before it. Your presentation was so on point. Great lessons about failure being data collection, not just failure. Life is always changing, so we need to prepare students to think on their feet, work as a team, look people in the eye, and be flexible."

Kelly P.

High School Teacher

Cindy H.

High School Principal

"I loved your presentation. You hit so many points that all of us could identify with. There was something for every teacher in the room to take back and implement in their classrooms."

"Melissa’s presentation this morning was one of the best PD sessions I’ve listened to in my 10 years of teaching. She has great advice and strategies for both parents and teachers. If you’re a parent, especially of a high school student, I 10/10 recommend you follow her page!"

Caty S.

High School Teacher